Mangasm Buzz Prostate Vibrator


Mangasm BuzzMangasm Buzz ($62)

Mangasm is the new boy in town as far as men’s prostate vibrators are concerned.  The makers of the mangasm now have a varied range of prostate massagers that are beginning to rival even the likes of Aneros and Nexus.

The Mangasm Buzz is the vibrating version of the Mangasm.  It’s shape carries quite a different design to the other Mangasms, in order to maximise the intense feeling that the toy’s powerful vibrations deliver to the prostate region.

And the Mangasm is certainly a powerful and sophisticated prostate vibrator.  It has no less than 5 different vibration settings, produced by a removable vibrating bullet.

An excellent prostate toy for the price!

Aneros Vice Prostate Vibrator


Aneros Vice 3Aneros Vice ($139.95)

It’s finally here! A prostate vibrator has been released by the world’s number 1 designers of prostate sex toys.  The Aneros brand name is known as a guarantee of quality and sophisticated prostate fun.  No other sex toy company can rival their expertise in designing toys that have been shaped with every flowing curve to maximise your sensitivity, comfort, and sheer erotic prostate pleasure.

The Aneros Vice contains a removable, multi-patterned stainless steel vibrator that will provide endless hours of varied delight.  You can choose from no less than FOUR different vibration patterns.

This first prostate vibrator from Aneros was only released in December 2010, but already has had customers buzzing with satisfaction!  Reviewers have noted how easy it is to keep the Vice in place while the amazing vibrations send you into another world.

The Aneros Vice is destined to be one of the most popular sex toys ever produced!

Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager

nexus-revo-2Nexus Revo 2 ($179)

Prostate masturbation just took a leap into the future!  This amazing new prostate vibrator from Nexus features a rotating head that delivers a deep resonating internal massage.

But it doesn’t stop there.  The Nexus Revo 2 also features a vibrating perineum stimulator with THREE vibration modes.  Buy this prostate toy now and prepare for the most incredible orgasm you have ever experienced!

Falcon Prostate Vibrator

FalconFalcon Vibrating Prostate Massager ($43)

The round head of this  uniquely styled prostate massager will vibrate your p-spot, whilst the curved body leading to the non-insertable other end, with a stylish Falcon tribal design on its sleek surface, will stimulate and caress your perineum.

The bullet vibrator contained in the bulbous head of the Falcon can be removed.

The toy is flexible whilst being as firm as you would want it to be.

Made from medical grade silicone, this prostate toy, including the bullet vibrator, is waterproof.

Mangasm Electro Prostate Stimulator

Mangasm ElectroMangasm Electro ($124.95)

If you’re looking for something slightly different from a prostate vibrator, why not try the world’s first electronic prostate stimulator?  The Mangasm Electro is an exciting new addition to the range of prostate toys.  Rather than vibrate the prostate region, the Electro sends electric signals into the sensitive prostate and perineum, resulting in experiences that some men may find better even than an orgasm.  Like all the other Mangasm prostate toys, the Electro can be bought alone or with other male toys at a bargain price, including the Fleshlight.  Electronically stimulate your prostate whilst stroking your penis off in a Flehslight.  The sensation is out of this world!

Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator

Vibrating Silicone StimulatorVibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator ($23)

Budget prostate vibrator that is adequate and easy enough to use for a complete beginner – the Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator isn’t quite in the same league as the likes of the Tantus or the Nexus, but it is a surprisingly effective vibrator at the price. 

Made from smooth, easy to clean silicone material, the tip of the toy has been angled to gently massage your prostate, while the flexible perineum stimulator simultaneously presses against the highly sensitive spot just between your testicals and anus.

This prostate vibrator is rated highly for it’s cheapness, ease of use, and sutiability for complete novices.

Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager

duke prostateDuke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator ($79)

The Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager is another fine addition to the growing collection of prostate vibrators a gentleman can choose from.  This one has a unique design that has clearly been the result of a lot of thought and testing.  It has no less than 8 vibration speeds and 3 different pulsation patterns, making this vibrator as well specced as any other on the market.  Made by the famous German sex toy manufacturers Fun Factory, the Duke is made out of silicone and is sure to be one of the top selling prostate vibrators in 2011.

Nexus Vibro Prostate Vibrator

Nexus Vibro WhiteNexus Vibro White ($146)

This highly rated prostate vibrator carries pretty much the same design as the famous Nexus Titus, one of the most popular prostate massagers in the world.  But what makes the Nexus Vibro so special is the fact that it has five vibration settings that control the powerful Nexus Prostate Bullet contained within its sleek and elegant design.

The Nexus Vibro has been heralded as the first ever prostate toy with microchip technology.  This gives it the power to ‘tune in’ to the male g-spot to deliver incredible sensations, the like of which you have probably never experienced before.

Even without the vibrator, the Nexus Vibro would be a premium prostate toy, with its ridged shaft, pebble head, and the superb quality of its plastic material.  But with those five, fine tuned, ‘smart’ vibration patterns, the Vibro rises to the top of the pack, and is one of the very best male sex toys around.

Tantus Prostate Health Vibrator

Tantus Prostate HealthTantus Prostate Health ($44.20)

The Tantus Prostate Health Vibrator is the most pleasurable way yet found to maintain a man’s prostate well-being!  Lie back and relax as the bulbous end of this beautiful prostate toy gently vibrate and massage your prostate area.

The shaft of the Prostate Health is flexible, making a very gentle massager and one particularly suitable for beginners.

Made from 100% medical grade silicone and can be boiled or bleached.