Aneros Vice Prostate Vibrator


Aneros Vice 3Aneros Vice ($139.95)

It’s finally here! A prostate vibrator has been released by the world’s number 1 designers of prostate sex toys.  The Aneros brand name is known as a guarantee of quality and sophisticated prostate fun.  No other sex toy company can rival their expertise in designing toys that have been shaped with every flowing curve to maximise your sensitivity, comfort, and sheer erotic prostate pleasure.

The Aneros Vice contains a removable, multi-patterned stainless steel vibrator that will provide endless hours of varied delight.  You can choose from no less than FOUR different vibration patterns.

This first prostate vibrator from Aneros was only released in December 2010, but already has had customers buzzing with satisfaction!  Reviewers have noted how easy it is to keep the Vice in place while the amazing vibrations send you into another world.

The Aneros Vice is destined to be one of the most popular sex toys ever produced!

Rude Boy Prostate Vibrator

Rude Boy Prostate VibratorRude Boy Prostate Vibrator ($64.99)

The ultimate in prostate vibrator technology, the Rude Boy will stroke and shiver your prostate and pineal glands to ecstasy.  The expertly designed u-shape will allow you rock back and forth in anal delight.

The bullet vibrator is easily detachable, allowing this prostate toy to become a superb sex toy for couples as well.

This prostate vibrator is definately recommended for those who seek a prostate toy to increase and extend erections, as well as for some delicious anal self-love!