Nexus Vibro Prostate Vibrator

Nexus Vibro WhiteNexus Vibro White ($146)

This highly rated prostate vibrator carries pretty much the same design as the famous Nexus Titus, one of the most popular prostate massagers in the world.  But what makes the Nexus Vibro so special is the fact that it has five vibration settings that control the powerful Nexus Prostate Bullet contained within its sleek and elegant design.

The Nexus Vibro has been heralded as the first ever prostate toy with microchip technology.  This gives it the power to ‘tune in’ to the male g-spot to deliver incredible sensations, the like of which you have probably never experienced before.

Even without the vibrator, the Nexus Vibro would be a premium prostate toy, with its ridged shaft, pebble head, and the superb quality of its plastic material.  But with those five, fine tuned, ‘smart’ vibration patterns, the Vibro rises to the top of the pack, and is one of the very best male sex toys around.